Re: [gtk-list] Re: Large pixmap strategy needed

>This document was damn good - it has helped no end to clear up the confusion I
>had regarding the various image formats. So I vote it should go into the FAQ.
>I will still have to think long and hard about how to implement my
>(unfortunatly not tilebased) 1500x500 map. As it will have to be magnified to
>at least double the size, just converting it to a pixmap and blowing it up
>would take a whopping amount of memory...So back to the drawing board :)

You want vectors, that's what you want. If you trace the outline of each country, you can draw and fill each one in a single X call (I don't know if this translates to a single GDK call); you can fill them any colour you like, scale them as much as you like, and it'll be fast and won't use much memory. Actually getting the vector data could be a little awkward but I'm sure it's on the net somewhere.

You won't get textures inside each country but from your description I don't think that's what you're intending anyway.

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