Re: ANNOUNCE: Archive of Gtk-based software

Andreas Tille wrote:

> >   The archive is currently maintained by me.  When the author of a
> >   package provides it via FTP that site is mirrored.  If the package is
> >   only accessable via HTTP, it is installed in the archive manually.
> Why not using
>     wget -r -k -N <>  ??

Because this would download the whole website and I the tarballs are
sufficient.  I'm using wget to receive the files, btw.

> >   If there are packages missing (I'm sure there are), please drop me a
> >   line so I can add them.
> Is there a kind of table of contents?

There is, it's web based, and it's not quite reliable, since many links
end in the void, and it contains links to projects with no source.  That's
the Gtk software map.  I plan to install an automatic diff mechanism for



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