ANNOUNCE: Archive of Gtk-based software


  I have set up an archive of Gtk-based software which is accessable via
  anonymous FTP.  Apart from a mirror of Gtk, Gimp and Gnome it contains
  a lot of user contributed programs, most of them were announced on the
  Gtk or Gnome lists.

  This archive shall be a general repository for Gtk-based software
  which should be mirrored at some common places.  Its purpose is to
  provide a canonical way to find software based on Gtk.

  The entire archive is at

  The archive of Gtk-based programs is at

  and an archive of additional Gtk-libraries and -modules is at

  I'd like some common sites to mirror the apps and libs directories
  in order to provide the packages at some bigger sites.  Since my
  connection to the internet is quite slow from overseas and my own
  line is too crowded from time to time, I urgently request this.

  The archive is currently maintained by me.  When the author of a
  package provides it via FTP that site is mirrored.  If the package is
  only accessable via HTTP, it is installed in the archive manually.

  If there are packages missing (I'm sure there are), please drop me a
  line so I can add them.



Whenever you meet yourself you're in a time loop or in front of a mirror.

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