Re: [gtk-list] Re: Gnome/GtkCanvas (was Re: gtk_args_collect & gnome--)

On Fri, 28 Aug 1998 00:08:54 +0200, (Sascha Ziemann) wrote:
> Imlib is too big!! I tried compiling it a few minutes ago on a
> notebook with 16 MB RAM and 24 MB swap and had to leave X get it
> compiled. Gtk should concentrate on PNG and JPG and leave everything
> else to some client programs like ee.

Imlib is not too big. The problem is the file utils/testimg.c: this is a
1.8MB C file with a 400x300 image in it:

  int                 testimg_x = 400;
  int                 testimg_y = 256;
  unsigned char       testimg[] =

Most compilers start to eat lots of memory to compile this.

The image is used in imlib_config to tune brightness, saturation, gamma
value, etc. You could argue that this should be an XPM image, but then
there is the problem that imlib_config should know where to find the
image. Raster just made the decision to avoid this problem by compiling
and linking the image.


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