Re: Gnome/GtkCanvas (was Re: gtk_args_collect & gnome--)

Erik Mouw <> writes:

| The image is used in imlib_config to tune brightness, saturation, gamma
| value, etc.

The image looks nice but is useless, because it is not possible to
adjust the gamma. There are much better images to tune colors, but
they do not look as nice. But this is a special problem of raster ;-)

Once upon a time (DOS, Turbo Pascal) it was possible to convert binary
data into a object file. By this it was possible to link data into the
code. You were in big trouble, when you tried to execute such data
functions but it was the most simple way to include images into the
code. It was possible to access the data via the function pointers.

/* In the beginning was the Word: */
typedef long SCM;

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