Needs help with DnD from/to CList

I'm just a newbie in X programming and I'm trying to write
simple app using Gtk+ toolkit (stable version 1.0.5)

I have the problem with using Drag-n-Drop from CList widget.
As I understand, DnD is possible from any widget which has own
gdk window (just wrapped by GDK X window ?) after call to
gtk_widget_dnd_drag_set(...) and connecting to several DnD events.
It works well with List widget: list items are made the DnD sources
and are Drag-n-Dropped funny! But looking in CList sources I (may
be wrong with it) not found the own window the CList row has. So,
I made the CList widget the DnD source and... I get no any dragging
event at all :(
Source code can be sent if needed...
Thanks for any suggestions.

The second question is about gdk_dnd_drag_addwindow(...). If it is
well why the corresponding gtk function gtk_widget_dnd_drag_add()
is empty?

Sorry for my poor English.


P. S. Well, it's just only old, but stable version...

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