Bug in GtkText

I think I found a bug in GtkText. When starting gnomecal it never shows up
and eats all your cpu IF you have an event on the current day.
I found out it's spinning in this loop at line 3389

- gtktext.c::find_line_containing_point 
/* Scroll the bottom of the line is on screen, or until
 * the line is the first onscreen line.
while (cache->next != text->line_start_cache && lph > height)
    TEXT_SHOW_LINE (text, cache, "cache");
    TEXT_SHOW_LINE (text, cache->next, "cache->next");
    scroll_int (text, LINE_HEIGHT(CACHE_DATA(cache->next)));
    lph = pixel_height_of (text, cache->next);

As you can see cache->next never changes so the loop can never finish.

Nuno Ferreira

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