Killing X-server on Solaris 2.6

I have downloaded glib 1.1.2 and gtk+- 1.1.1 and
built them on  Solaris with egcs 1.03. Everything
seems to build ok.

When I first ran gtk/testgtk, I clicked on the
gamma curve button. The entire screen went white
and the CDE login screen appeared. It appears
that gtk+ has the ability to kill Sun's X-server.

I was able to repeat this at least twice in a row.
We tried it on another machine and X did not die.
The gamma curve dialog appeared to work normally.
I went back to my machine and tried it again. This
time the gamma curve seemed to work ok, but I was
able to kill X again by playing with the shaped 

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about
fixing this? If my only recourse is to contact Sun, 
has anybody communicated a bug like this to Sun and
can tell me how they did it?

Todd & Lisa Dukes

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