Re: [gtk-list] Re: Destroying windows & widgets -- anybody?

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Robert Knop wrote:
> So far, though, still no luck.  Right now, during the idle function I call
> the "destroy()" method for each Gtk_Object on the Muncher list, and then
> delete each object on the list.  I'm still getting a sigsegv.  Any
> suggestions?

Don't call the destroy() method. Just delete will do it. 

Re: your other email - make it a one-shot idle function by returning FALSE 
from it. Then it simply waits for all pending events, runs once, and
disconnects itself, and doesn't take CPU cycles.

If you want to avoid debugging you are welcome to simply download my code
and use it -, the file is src/muncher.h - probably
building Guppi would be a lot of work but you can cut-and-paste the code
without doing that.


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