Re: [gtk-list] Re: Destroying windows & widgets -- anybody?

On Wed, 26 Aug 1998, Michael Babcock wrote:
> Actually, as it happens I just came up with this solution today, and I
> haven't fully tested it yet, but it seems to work.
> Does this sound like a reasonable solution? Comments welcome.

It's about the only way to do it AFAICT. Guppi ( does
it this way too; I have a Muncher<T> class that keeps a list of pointers
of type T to delete and does so in an idle function. Works pretty good. 
The templates are probably pointless in retrospect since it works on any
void*; I don't remember why I did it that way. 

I don't register the windows with the Muncher, I just stick them in it
when I want them to close.

Well sounds like there are at least two pieces of code to copy for solving
this problem. Maybe the functionality should be added to Gtk--? 


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