Re: [gtk-list] Destroying windows & widgets -- anybody?

Robert Knop wrote:
> Somebody out there must have done this, and must know how to do this....
> Basically, I have a window, which has lots of widgets within it.  I want
> to destroy the window and all the associated widgets.  I want to to go
> away, and to free all of the memory.  The application that created it will
> still be going, but the window needs to be gone.
> How to do this with just Gtk+ would be useful.  In actuality, I'm trying
> to do this with Gtk--.  I'd like to know what calls are necessary to get
> the thing to be pulled out of what Gtk_Main is watching for events, and
> have all of the destructors called.
> Thank you for any help you can provide,
> -Rob

I'm fairly new to Gtk--, and I don't have an authoritive answer on this,
but I ran into the same problem and here's what I did. I made a global
(singleton actually) Window_list object that keeps track of all created
windows. When you create a new window, register it with the Window_list.
When you want to close the window, hide it and tell the Window list to
delete it. The issue is you can't just have a close button and make it
do "delete this". Nor can you directly call a Window_list method which
deletes the object that is still running. So the Window_list removes the
window from its internal list, but instead of deleting it immediately,
adds it to another internal list and then registers a gtk idle function
that will be called a bit later to actually delete the removed windows.

I made my own Window class, with a constructor that registers itself
with the Window_list and a Close method that hides itself and removes it
from the Window_list. I can derive all my own window classes from this
class so I don't have to worry about it, and can just call Close when I
need to. I suppose this won't work if you don't create windows on the
heap with "new" but I don't think that's a big problem.

Actually, as it happens I just came up with this solution today, and I
haven't fully tested it yet, but it seems to work.

Does this sound like a reasonable solution? Comments welcome.

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