Re: [gtk-list] Re: Perl/GTK

On Aug 20, Christoph Doerbeck wrote:
> Problem solved:  I added -fPIC to the CCCDLFLAGS in Makefile
> I'm not a programmer, so if someone has an explination, I'd love
> to hear it.  Confidence in my fix is knowing I did something that
> makes sense :)
> CCCDLFLAGS = -fpic -fPIC

You're almost there.  As you've correctly spotted,  -fPIC and -fpic
have different semantics, and -fPIC is needed to avoid global offset
table limits on SPARC (and 68K, I believe).  See the "Code Gen Options"
section of gcc's info pages for more info (as it were).

The -fpic option comes from Perl's own configuration, i.e. whoever
installed Perl on your system chose that as the flag to generate PIC
code.  Find the file "sun4-solaris/5.00405/" in Perl's lib
directory and search for "cccdlflags".  The change you need to make
should be obvious :-)

Des Herriott

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