Announce: Gtk/Perl 0.3 released

Well, I finally got around to releasing a new version -- I hope it'll have
been worth the wait. I think Gtk/Perl 0.3 (available now on,
and soon on CPAN) fixes all of the immediate problems, and should work
satisfactorily with both gtk+-1.0.5, and gtk+-1.1.1. (The configuration
mechanism has been smoothed out enough that supporting various packages
should be easier, including different configurations of gtk. It's not
trivial, but it's at least feasible.)

I've integrated (or duplicated) the outstanding patches by Rasterman and
PMC, and have tried to make sensible use of the features of gtk+-1.1.1. I
have no idea it'll do with gtkglarea, themes, and the other goodies -- it
might just even work. ;-)

Happy Hacking,
Kenneth Albanowski (, CIS: 70705,126)

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