GnuCash needs developers (esp for GTK/GNOME/Guile work).

[ I'm posting this to these three lists because we specifically need
expertise in these three areas. ]

GnuCash is a program designed to manage personal finances (a la
Quicken).  We either already support, or have plans to support
features like normal accounts, investment accounts, on-line banking,
automatic brokerage account (stock) updates, etc.  Currently GnuCash
needs more good developers.

Right now, the stable interface is Motif/Lesstif, but we are in the
process of creating a GTK/GNOME interface, and we need people
interested in working on this.  Most critical at the moment is the
development of a reasonable GNOME/GTK register.  What we have now is a
total hack built around a CList.

Also, we've recently integrated Guile, and now we need to put it to
work.  For example, we want to add a Emacs-like "hook" system, an
engine for handling key-bindings, etc.  I haven't looked carefully
yet, but the Emacs source is probably a good source of ideas if not
actual code.

More information is available at, and the mailing list
is  GnuCash is covered under the terms of
the Gnu Public License.  For any familiar with the program Xacc,
GnuCash is the continuation of that project.

Thanks, and sorry for the interruption.

Rob Browning <> PGP=E80E0D04F521A094 532B97F5D64E3930

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