Re: Possible CopyArea Corruption With gtkclist.


> How often do you move a window over the CList while simultaneously
> scrolling the window. The only time this is ever going to be a problem
> for the CList is if your program isn't keeping up with the incoming
> events, or perhaps if your machine is thrashing.

I'm suffering because some clients are displaying to me via a
transatlantic link, whilst others are over a clogged up LAN.  My
server?  An 80186 based IBM Xstation 120.  So I agree I'm making the
situation more likely.   :-)   But in some ways its a nice system to
play on; everything is in slow motion!

> (Are you say, continously auto-scrolling without user interaction? - I
> suppose that could trigger the problem - though typically in
> this circumstance any corruption will very quickly be off the
> screen...)

I was using CopyArea on an insert of a new row, and this was happening
without a user action.

> There is only one algorithm I know of which is absolutely foolproof,
> and this would pretty much need to be implemented at the GDK level.

Thank you.  Very elegant.  To start with I think I'll just redraw the
whole window when I detect the problem has occurred as opposed to
translating the received rectangle through all the queued up changes.

Ralph Corderoy.

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