get_config_widget signal

i plan to implement the feature of visual configure your widgets in

the idea is, that the gtkwidget gets a new signal called
each widget like button,clist ... (if they connect to this signal) will
get as an argument a GtkWidget**, this widget-ptr-ptr send by the
will be set to a config-panel-container with
signals already set to influence the widget's/class-widgets look and
feel (its internal configuration)
as a second feature i want to implement a drag-n-drop mechanism for
this, so that each widget
you want to change/configure , you have to drop an icon out from the

The config-tool itself is really simple, because it only wraps a
GtkWindow arround the config-panel-
widget or embedd the configs in a notebook, (each widget-class
Button/CList/Lists/...) will have
their own page. The internal configs still belong to the persons/authors
of the widgets...
so it could be made modular(this is ofcourse another thing that is still
missing ... modularized

please tell me your opinion...

(btw: i am influenced from MagicUserInterface from AmigaOS)
so long,

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