Re: Problems with gtk-list

The problem is that your mail is carrying with it a header which reads,

Sender: root@THEFOX.

Because of this your mail is dropped. You need to configure netscape not to 
add this header, or use a different mail client.

On Tue, 11 Aug 1998 19:02:05 +0200, Mario Motta wrote: 
>- i'm subscribed to gtk-list but the list seems do not receive my
>messages anymore (does'nt echoes them).
>- i made an hack putting into TO:
>and the message was regularly bounched back to me.
>- thus means that at redhat was received but again the list
>did not echoed it and nobody into the list seems to have received it.
>Hoping this will hit...
>Mario Motta

                Bryan C. Andregg * <> * Red Hat Software

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