Irix + Linux problems


I've been trying to teach myself GTK under Linux.  So I figured for
change of pace I would install under Irix.  Install seemed to go fine. 
But now when I try to recompile:

	gcc -Wall -g first.c -o first `gtk-config --cflags` `gtk-config --libs`

I get:

        gcc -Wall -g first.c -o first `gtk-config --cflags` `gtk-config
	sh: gtk-config: command not found
	sh: gtk-config: command not found
	sh: gcc: command not found
	*** Error code 1 (bu21)


I'm the same user, with same .profile and whatnot.


Technical Director, Virginia Center for Computer Music
Programmer / Analyst, Dean's Office (School of A&S)
(804) 924-6887

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