Re: library problems w/ RH5.1 writes:

> >>>>> "M" == Marc Ewing <> writes:
>     M> We are aware of this issue.  We more than likely will be
>     M> hacking libtool to provide dependencies as well.
> I am sure this is your plan, but I want to make sure: if you hack
> libtool, please try to coordinate the solution to repair interlibrary
> dependencies for _all_ unicies and not just Linux (libtool is meant to
> be a portable system for creating shared libraries for all unicies).
> Since libtool development seems to have been coordinated closely with
> Guile development for loadable module support, the Guile developers
> may have some ideas about how this can be accomplished (or maybe not,
> since the interlibrary dependency problem has been around for a long
> time now).

Unfortunately, repairing inter-library dependencies for all
Unices is not practical for us here at Redhat, since the machines
around here are pretty much exclusively Linux boxes.

Getting interlibrary dependencies done right is a tricky, though
not insoluable problem - among other things, it requires determining
whether a given library -lfoo is shared or static.

Unless someone appears with the time and range of machines necessary
fix libtool properly, GTK+ (and probably GNOME as well) will be
distributed with the stock shared-library-dependency-disabled version
of libtool, and with a patch to reenable shared library dependencies.
RPM's will be built with the patched libtool. (As the Debian
packages are currently.)


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