Setting optionmenu's value

	I was just wondering. How do I set the selected option in
optionmenu? It's no trouble of setting some menu item as selected, but
that does'nt seem to be enough in this case. When I have the following
menu attached to a optionmenu button:

	1. Herring
	2. Perch
	3. Salamon

	The value showing in the optionmenu is ofcourse Herring. But
when I set the selected item to Salamon, it still reads Herring in the
optionmenu (I do this with gtk_menu_set_active()). But when I press
it, it opens like I had selected Salamon.  So what do I have to do to
the optionmenu to "refresh" itself? Emmit some signal perhaps? 

  Antti Kaipila <>

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