Threads with GTK


i have some problems with using gtk efficient with threads... i heard
about the gpk-proxy
but it does'nt hold a lot of gtk-wrappers i need to, especially because
i'm coding threads
in components (gtk-widgets).

up to now, i use to communicate between the main-gtk-thread and my
little working threads
through idle_functions, but i think this is not efficient. 

does anyone knows, how to signal the main-gtk-thread that the datas are
loaded (e.g. reading directory
especially over ftp-links it's better not to lockup the display :) ) by
the read_dir_thread,
so that the main-gtk-thread can fill all the datas in clist.

and is there anythink planned to make gtk thread-safe or will this be
the gpk?
so long,

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