Re: [gtk-list] Upgrading GTK+ on RedHat 5.0 machine


the cleanest way of doing this is probably to just recompile control panel
with the new GTK version. I have had some success though with doing
the following:

1) Install GTK source in /usr/local/src/gtk...
2) compile GTK
3) install GTK into /usr/local/...
4) set your user's LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/local/lib
5) make sure all GTK programs you compile explicitly access
     before /usr/include. This should enable you to compile and link
     agains the new GTK while keeping the old version around.
Unfortunateley this
     means that your root account (which uses control-panel) will not be
able to
     compile against the new GTK and run control-panel at the same time ...

This worked for me, although I haven't looked in a while as I never use
and recompiled a new version of GIMP (against the new libraries) (the only
2 apps
I seem to use where these dependencies bit me) ...

--> Robert

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Subject:  [gtk-list] Upgrading GTK+ on RedHat 5.0 machine

Hi All.

I was just wondering if anyone has overcome the problem of upgrading
GTK+ on a RedHat 5.0 machine without affecting apps such as control

Each time I have tried to upgrade to a version of GTK+ higher than 1.0.0
on a RedHat 5.0 installation there are then problems with control panel
(it just won't run).  I found out some info on this from the GIMP
archives, but I haven't found a fix and I need to upgrade GTK+ now.

Does anyone have any suggestions...?

Thanks in advance,

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