Problems with malloc() an gtk


I'm developing an application and have run into problems. When I link
the application with libgtk it segfaults with the following backtrace;

#0  0x40123338 in free ()
#1  0x40122a4a in __malloc_check_init ()
#2  0x40123095 in malloc ()
#3  0x40122b25 in malloc ()
#4  0x8048b23 in strtokenize (s=0xbffff33c) at test.c:49

strtokenize() is a function I've build which works just fine when I
don't link with libgtk. So somehow libgtk does something with my call
to malloc(). Whatever is happening here? I'd sure be glad if someone
can explain to me why libgtk alone makes an application crash, doesn't
sound too promising for the future ;)

  Jonas Öberg, CIXIT AB                       URL:
  Network Technician                        Phone: +46-708-157635

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