Gtk--: Gtk_Dialog (refresh) troubles


I'm trying to use Gtk_Dialog in GTK-- but am running into some problems.

My dialog windows are classes which inherit Gtk_Dialog and simply add some
buttons to Gtk_Dialog::action_area() and some input fields to

Dialogs are created only once and then only shown and hidden on demand. At
first glance everything works just fine, but of course, further testing
revealed the following problem: When my program is running and once I open
any dialog for the first time, everything is fine. However, once I have
a dialog, any other dialog I try to open comes up blank (ie: not redrawn)
accompanied by the following error message:

> ** WARNING **: file gtkbutton.c: line 856 (gtk_button_add):
> "GTK_IS_BUTTON (container)"

Please note that the first Dialog I open works without generating an
error message. I can open and close the same dialog countless times without
any problems, but once I try to open a dialog other than the first dialog I
opened, I get the above error message and a blank window. Chances are I'm
doing something really stupid but I can't figure this one out.

Any help would be appreciated ...
--> Robert

PS: If this description is completeley meaningless/intelligable, I can try
to write a short sample program to illustrate my point.

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