Re: [gtk-list] Integrating guile-gtk with other event loops

  I am trying to figure out a way to integrate guile-gtk's event loop
  with another event loop, specifically that of scwm.

In general I believe it is broken for a library to demand that it own
the select loop.   A solution to this might be to create for each
library that can do so a function



that can be called, and then have those fds from each of the N
libraries or'd into a list, call select, and then dispatch with
gtk_select_result to the back half of select processing for that
library.  In general, one probably has to call get_select_fds before
each select(2) call, since what is being selected on will change.

Then, gtk_main would just call these the first routine, select, and
the second routine; one wouldn't use gtk_main if one was controlling
the select loop explicitly.

        Greg Troxel <>

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