Re: [gtk-list] Re: Glade - UI Builder

> Yes. I want to output a language-independant format. The current output
> looks like this, but it's not complete and I'm open to suggestions:
> (What did you mean by the 'exported' widgets?)
> <Widget>GtkWindow
>   <GtkWidget::name>window1

This is defintly harder to parse than a lisp-like syntax.  And
definetly harder to munge with text processing tools.  Would it be
possible to have the output be Lisp-like?

I just read a comment from someone that said that Lisp output is not
nice to him, well, it is not like the programmer is going to deal with
it in his daily life nor has the programmer any business making
changes to that lisp-like file, but if he needs to, he has got the
power to do it.


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