Re: [gtk-list] Re: widgets for spreadsheet

> SIAG is available in a Gtk version. It is not a Gnome application.
> > Does anyone have a suggestion on what widgets I should use to set up
> > the spreadsheet?
> SIAG uses a custom monolithic widget for the grid. It was adapted from a
> Gtk grid widget by Dan Risacher, which was in turn adapted from the grid
> widget written by Yours Truly for the Xt version of SIAG.
> As always, what's mine is yours, if you find anything that's worth having
> and can figure out how to use it.

Thanks for the info.  I found the ngrid widget that Dan Risacher and
others are using for another spreadsheet - unfortunately, it looked
like it wouldn't be trivial to extract out for my own use because they
integrated it with other parts of their code, but I may try to extract
it out.

Is anyone developing a standalone grid-like widget for inclusion in
the official gtk package?  Is there interest in one?

At the moment I don't know enough about the internals of Gtk/Gdk or X
to develop one from scratch, but probably with a few weeks of work I
could do it - another project to add to my summer todo list.


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