Re: GTK+ and Unix OSes

Owen Taylor wrote:
>And most likely more. It might be nice to work up a more formal
>list with exact version numbers, compilers, etc.
I believe it should be done.
>If XFree86 is running, porting to the Hurd probably would be easy.
>GTK requires very little beyond X11R5, ANSI C and an assortment of
>pretty standard Unix syscalls. I think that the Hurd is using glibc2
>now, and GTK certainly works on Linux with glibc2.
I'll give it a try as soon as I can download the XFree port.
My Hurd system has glibc-2.0.4 and gcc; most of the kernel
functionality was moved to external servers but I guess nothing is
>If XFree86 is running, presumably Xaw is working too, so it wouldn't
>exactly be the _first_ toolkit...
The first toolkit worth using, then ;-)

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