Re: Problems with Rulers in gtk--

>> That connect should connect the motion_notify_event of the drawing_area to
>> to ruler, but I can't find a correct syntax.
>> I tried
>Those are both signals, so need to use connect() syntax for function objects.
>(It uses the following signature:
>template<class rettype, class M,class P1>
>Connection connect(Signal1_r<rettype,P1> &signal, M& functionobject);
Now as I look at the readme_signal.html in your website I see that, too,
but I' just tried it and gcc doesn't like it.
Well, in my casse hruler is a Gtk_HRuler, not a pointer to one,
so I have


but gcc says:

/usr/local/include/gtk--sig.h: In function `class Connection connect(class
Signal_proxy1<int,Gtk_Widget,_GdkEventMotion *> &, class
Signal_proxy1<int,Gtk_Widget,_GdkEventMotion *> &)':
/usr/local/include/gtk--sig.h:1341: no matching function for call to
`Concretegtkslot1<int,int (*)(_GdkEventMotion *),_GdkEventMotion
*>::Concretegtkslot1<int,int (*)(_GdkEventMotion *),_GdkEventMotion *>
(Signal_proxy1<int,Gtk_Widget,_GdkEventMotion *>)'
/usr/local/include/gtk--sig.h:1099: candidates are: Concretegtkslot1<int,int
(*)(_GdkEventMotion *),_GdkEventMotion *>::Concretegtkslot1(const
Concretegtkslot1<int,int (*)(_GdkEventMotion *),_GdkEventMotion *> &)
/usr/local/include/gtk--sig.h:1099:                 Concretegtkslot1<int,int
(*)(_GdkEventMotion *),_GdkEventMotion *>::Concretegtkslot1(int
(*)(_GdkEventMotion *))
make: *** [colorbutton.o] Error 1

I don't know what that means, maybe one of my stupid errors,
something is missing in gtk--...

Actually, I've found another way to connect the c signals of the
rulers, but much more awful through typecasts and c-functions:


  //which connects to the member function:

gint ruler_motion_notify(GdkEventMotion *event)
    typedef gint (*MotionEventFunc)  (GtkWidget *,GdkEventMotion *);  
    GtkWidget *widget = GTK_WIDGET(hruler.gtkobject);  
    MotionEventFunc func =( MotionEventFunc)   (GTK_WIDGET_CLASS(GTK_OBJECT

    func((GtkWidget *)widget,event);
    widget = GTK_WIDGET(vruler.gtkobject);
    func =( MotionEventFunc)   (GTK_WIDGET_CLASS(GTK_OBJECT
    func((GtkWidget *)widget,event);


that is similar to the way it is done in testgtk, but I would prefer your 
way, would be much shorter...


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