Re: [gtk-list] Re: radio buttons in GTK--

> >I.e. just give one GSList instance to constructor argument of the
> >Gtk_RadioButton.

Max Watson <> writes:
> This does not work for me. Even a simple app with just a window and a radio
> button sigsegvs upon creation of the radio button. 
> I am using the gtk &
> gtk-- from the CVS. I have had to resort to a hack where I initialize my
> radio button in gtk, then stuff them into the gtkobject of a checkbutton.
> It works fine this way, but man, what a mess. 

where did it crash? (lemme guess, Gtk_Object::Gtk_Object() /
gtkmm_sigsegv()? ) If it crashed there you caught an assert I added
few versions ago to find all these places. (did it print
anything?). I'll look into it soon (when I get my version to compile
:) Its good to know the assert is called.

-- Tero Pulkkinen -- --

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