Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk_file_selection bug under gtk+970915?

On Wed, 17 Sep 1997, Peter Mattis wrote:

> >> ** WARNING **: resize pending
> >
> >warnings after closing, which i get a hell of a lot in GUBI too...
> Those warnings need to be tracked down and elminated. They are
> indicative of bugs in the queued resizing code. I'll look into the
> file selection problem more (I see the warning as well). You should
> let me know of other places it happens within GUBI.

with gubi-970819.tar.gz i have some else problems (most of them im
currently figuring).
(you can just delete String_GtkArgType() in type2str.c to get it
compiled with the new type system in gtk+).

the buttons "window" and "list" will give me a list with a black
background (only when there is just one list item, with two, it
becomes white again).
upon closing the list i will get a "resize pending" warning.

also when i invoke the widget editor for the window, the "signals" section
will have a viewport where the children are not drawn correctly (this
will be done after a manual resize). i tried this with gtkviewport.c from
gtk+97091[56] and gtk+-U1, this doesnt help. so it seems to be something
related with the resize queueing in genreal.

also there seem to be some problems with widget "destroy" handlers in general,
this is why you cant delete widgets with GUBI anymore...

anyways, im in the process of looking into all that and will hopefully be more
specific the next time ;)))

> Peter


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