I've uploaded a new version of gtk+ to
This version features significant changes from 970828. The number one
new feature is the queued drawing and resizing. That is, when a widget
wants to draw itself it calls gtk_widget_queue_draw and it will be
drawn when during the next idle period. Similarly
gtk_widget_queue_resize will cause the widgets size to be checked
during the next idle period. The queued resizing should lessen or even
eliminate the need for gtk_container_{disable,enable}_resize. 

The other notable change is in the way grabs work. The gtk event
dispatcher will pass an event directly to the event widget if the
event widget is a child of the grab widget. The old dispatcher would
always pass the event to the grab widget. The result is that if you
call gtk_grab_add on a window only that window and all of its children
will get events. Which sounds an awful lot like a modal dialog to me.

Lastly, I've also incorporated most (all?) of the patches I've
received. If your patch isn't in here then I've lost it and you should
resubmit it against 970915. 

Note: The addition of the queued resizing was accompanied by a cleanup
in the gemoetry management code. The "need_resize" signal for
containers changed causing widgets which override that signal to need
to be modified. Its now the standard practice to call
gtk_widget_queue_resize instead of gtk_container_need_resize when a
widget needs to be resized. 


PS I would be surprised if there aren't quite a few stupid (and not so
stupid) bugs.

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