[Patch] fix for bug in gtkpixmap.c

Hello you GTk people,

I think this patch got lost on its way to the gtk list, so I try again.
The patch fixes a bug in gtk_pixmap_new that makes this function
fail randomly.

A big thank you to all who helped fix my problem with this list today!


--- gtkpixmap.c Sun Sep 14 12:10:51 1997
+++ gtkpixmap.c.patched Sun Sep 14 12:11:16 1997
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@
   GtkPixmap *pixmap;

-  g_return_val_if_fail (pixmap != NULL, NULL);
+  g_return_val_if_fail (val != NULL, NULL);

   pixmap = gtk_type_new (gtk_pixmap_get_type ());

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