Re: [gtk-list] Re: A description format for Gtk features

Sascha Ziemann <> writes:
> Marius Vollmer wrote:
> > Anyone out there that wants to be hacking on Gtk and doesn't have an
> > Emacs on their system?  You don't have to be using it as your editor,
> > it just has to be available.
> Perhaps it is easier to include SIOD in the distribution than to hope on
> an Emacs.

Yes, would be a possibility.  But the only thing that is needed is a
LISP parser and some very minimal support for the data types (symbols,
pairs, no garbage collector).  The code can be rewritten in C, it's
not much.

But I will only worry about that when someone complains.  [Can you
imagine that: someon hacking free software and not using Emacs? ;-)]

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