Re: [gtk-list] Re: A description format for Gtk features

Rob Browning <> writes:
> Rob Browning <> writes:
> > Here's a rough hack.  This is actually just a sample program that
> > implements a *really* simple read-eval-print loop for a simple scheme
> > syntax (actually it reads the whole file, then parses and prints the
> > result).
> OK, it was a much rougher hack than I thought.  It's unbelievably slow
> (I hadn't tried it on data sets of any size).  If I can't make it much
> faster, then this won't be usable.

It doesn't have to be particularily fast, I think.

It's main application for the Gtk core would be to slurp in a few
thousand lines, skipping over most forms and generating two 50 line
files from the rest.  But it is probably not necessary to parse the
nested lists in detail to generate the files.  It could all be done
eith regexps.

Things will probably be worse for stub generators.

I'm currently doing the file generation with Emacs in batch mode.  The
Elisp is about 140 lines (with some overly general string utilities)
and performance is more than sufficient.

Anyone out there that wants to be hacking on Gtk and doesn't have an
Emacs on their system?  You don't have to be using it as your editor,
it just has to be available.

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