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Excerpts from mail: 10-Oct-97 Re: [gtk-list] Re: best wid.. by Owen 
> No offense, but writing a new widget from scratch for this seems like
> a bad idea. I would suggest that the ScrolledWindow widget should be
> modified to allow it to be controlled by external scrollbars. Then it
> seems your widget could be implemented as a table widget holding the
> scrollbars and a notebook which has a scrolled-window widget on each
> page. You'd have to connect to the ScrolledWindow widgets "map" events
> to set the scrollbars appropriately. This could be done either at the
> application level, or as a new composite widget, but seems much better
> to me than duplicating the functionality of the Notebook and
> ScrolledWindow widgets.

I'm probably not going to write a new widget from scatch, I'm sorry if I
miss used the terminology - I was just going to use the notebook,
viewport and scrollbar widgets.  After all,  all the ScrolledWindow
widget is is a viewport and two scrollbars (I think if I rememeber
right), so I was just going to basically bundle up viewports in a
Notebook widget and then use some scrollbars (I think).  Personally
though I'd like to see the GTK collect a large quantity of widgets -
they could stick them in a contrib directory in order to avoid
supporting them all, but it would make the toolkit more attractive.  As
far as modifying the existing ScrolledWindow widget I guess we could add
a new function gtk_scrolled_window_new_with_scrollbars, but I really
didn't want to modify an existing widget. 

> Sounds useful - but I'm not sure it should replace the current table
> widget. The table widget is really a lightweight layout widget while
> your widget sounds like a step towards a grid widget. Even if all the
> functionality isn't there yet, when there is a grid widget, it, not
> the table widget, will be used for such tasks, so it would be nice not
> to complicate the table with the extra functionality. Maybe your
> widget should be called something like SimpleGrid

You're right.  The table widget does serve a different purpose but this
widget would be very very similar so I figured it would be a "revised"
table widget.  SimpleGrid is a much better name, and I'll probably call
it that if that name doesn't conflict with other peoples.

Thanks for the feedback,

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