Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk+970925 with solaris x11r6

>>>>> "Marius" == Marius Vollmer <> writes:

    Marius> Jens-Ulrik Holger Petersen <> writes:
    >> I just (re-)installed gtk+970925 (with the guile-gtk-0.5 patch) under
    >> solaris-2.5 and X11R6.1.

    >> Eg when I run "gtk/testgtk" and press on "text" and then press "close" 
    >> on the window "test" of "text", I get a core dump:
    >> ---- Start of included text ----------------8<--- cut here -------------
    >> petersen@orion:~/src/gtk/solaris/gtk% testgtk
    >> ** ERROR **: 41943104 -> NULL
    >> Abort (core dumped)
    >> ---- End of included text -------------------8<--- and here ------------

    Marius> This deliberate abort is caused by the gtk-interp.patch
    Marius> from guile-gtk.  

True, without your patch everything is working fine.

    Marius> However, I just tried testgtk and it seems to work for me.
    Marius> Maybe it is a timing problem.  Could you try "testgtk
    Marius> --sync"?

With "testgtk --sync" I get the same crashing.

    >> Probably these are all known problems and have been fixed?  Or is
    >> something wrong here?

    Marius> I can't reproduce any of them, sorry.  Does the Guile version of
    Marius> testgtk, test-gtk.scm, crash on you, too?

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