Re: [gtk-list] Re: pixmaps...

Ian Main <> writes:

> On 7 Oct 1997, James A wrote:
> > 
> >  I'm pretty new to gtk, I've had a look at the info files and when
> > that wasn't enough (most of the time :) read testgtk.c and other bits
> > of source.
> You may want to look at the tutorial, if you haven't found it already:

 Thanks that cleared up a lot about tables, I wondered why there was
four arguments and not just two (but obviously you would want to be
able to allocate something into a couple of cells.
 A couple of suggestions though, aren't there always :). You didn't
mention the feature that if you use a gtk_vbox then separators will
be packed so small that they can't be seen, although this may be a bug
that is being fixed. Somewhere you say that everything is allocated
via. gtk_*_new functions and although would be better if it were so,
quite a few have _with_label postfixes :(. One thing that might be
worth putting in before some of the other stuff is something about
modal dialog's. As it seemed natural to look for a
gtk_modal_window_new function but the way it is done is much better, if
not as obvious.

 On a similar note I copied your example program for the
file_selection dialog and played with that a little bit and I managed
to get it to segv :(. I had a quick look and I don't think it is at
your end, although I couldn't reproduce the damn thing to check
:(. But while trying to get that to happen again I noticed that if you
goto / and press TAB twice in the file input area then gtk prints out
a warning. I tried to find out where from but I'm on a stupid NetBSD
box at work and it won't compile it staticly. I'll have a look at home
tonight though and see if I can fix it :).


 Ps. I'm guessing that the hilighting problems are known about Ie. hold
your mouse over a button and bring the window into the foreground. It
also happens in a few other situations.

/* James Antill ** */ main(){int h[3][3]=
int i=-1,j;while(i++<2){j^=j;while(j<3){int k=16;while(--k>=0)
putchar(h[i][j]&(1<<k)?'x':' ');++j;}putchar('\n');}exit(0);}

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