Re: [gtk-list] GtkStyle

Marcelo Malheiros wrote:
> Owen Taylor wrote:
>> Since I don't know any better way to resolve such issues than
>> a public vote - let me say that I really don't think this should
>> be added to Gtk. Although it's a bit neat, its also a bit strange
>> and certainly would make GTK diverge more from other applications.

>   I agree, meaning that I don't think it's a good idea to change the
> _default_ appearance of gtk.
>   However, I guess some effort could be put in enhancing the
> GtkStyle/gtkrc mechanism, so the look of the widgets could be changed
> outside the application, using something like loadable modules. Then
> Patrice's patches could be in an optional module.

  I looked just a little at the GtkStyle code and it seems that it's
more like a "tool box" than any other thing. It contains only low
level drawing functions (like draw_shadow, draw_diamond...). I still
don't see GtkStyle as THE solution for what we want (although it will
certainly help).
  I thought of modules too but I found another problem here. You need
to have one module for each look&feel and for each widget... It could 
make a lot of combinations.

  I also want to say that think that the look&feel should not be changed
on a per application basis (but I may be wrong). The l&f should be
consistent for all applications. As an example, if you look at the scwm
snapshot, you'll see that having tons of different styles of window
decoration is quite messy. Most people will choose the one they prefer
and that's it.
But that's just my $0.02 :)

> [snip]

>   I'd _love_ to help with this, but I currently can't afford enough
> time to start such task. =(

We're all in that case :).
Discussing on this and bringing ideas is just fine if you find time to
think about the problem(s).

>   Regards,
>     Marcelo


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