Re: [gtk-list] Re: [patch] my scrollbar (971116) patch update

Owen wrote:

> Since I don't know any better way to resolve such issues than
> a public vote - let me say that I really don't think this should
> be added to Gtk. Although it's a bit neat, its also a bit strange
> and certainly would make GTK diverge more from other applications.

I'm glad to see your post, it proves someone looked at my patch.

I must say that I didn't put this patch to include it in the 
standard distribution of gtk (at least not yet). Maybe it's even
a "bad" idea because, as you said, it mixes 2 l&f (Motif + next).

The main idea is that I want to write an other scrollbar widget
(well, only the look), to look like Next or w95. As I'm currently
working on an other patch (for range widgets - I'll post it tomorrow
I think), I submitted this patch to the "test ml" before writting
the "arrows" part.

I think that there's no need now to include this patch in the main
distrib (except if the maintainer wants to): It's not finished...

I posted it because a couple of friends here asked me for it, so
I guessed I could interest someone else.

> (neXtAw doesn't seem to be a very common toolkit)

It's a pitty, it's much better than Xaw95 or Xaw3d.
But that's not the point :).

> (Also, the "bump" is lit backwards to be a bump. It looks like
> a hole to me)

That's exactly the kind of feedback I want to get.
The problem I see with the background light is that it's the deafult
behaviour of every gtk widgets... I couldn't make an exception for
the scrollbar.
I think we'll have to wait the next version of the patch to take
a decision.

> The bug fixes are appreciated in any case.

> Regards,
>                                   Owen


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