Re: [gtk-list] Widget registry

Actually, Shawn's FAQ has a section on projects that are underway using
gtk. Perhaps this would be a good thing for the FAQ, a list of 
composite widgets that are being constructed. Elliot, I'm sure Shawn
would appreciate a forward of any messages you recieve.


Elliot Lee said:
>Is anyone maintaining a list of the widgets various people are working on
>and/or have written? If not, please e-mail me with a name/short
>destription of widgets you are doing (that are not in the main gtk
>distribution) and I'll see what I can do about getting one started. 
>[actually this is just a post to see if the archive updating is working,
>but have to have that obGTK content :-]
>-- Elliot
>perl -MIO::Socket -e \
>	(R. Schwartz, on BugTraq)
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James Mitchell
CSci Systems Staff
University of Minnesota 

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