relief, borderwidth, and padding

It seems to me that padding, borderwidth, and relief should all
be done at the widget level.  

I have looked at how padding is done in the misc widget, and 
fail to understand why it is not in the general widget code.  It
is not complex or bloated; it is very clean.  So why not make it 
available for everything?  I know you can emulate the same 
affect with containers, but it is not nearly as clean.

Also, for reliefs, here is what I'm thinking:

gtk_widget_relief_set(widget, GTK_RELIEF_RAISED);

My goal is to be able to play with the button stuff without deriving
a new widget.  I should be able to add a "clicked" callback, which
changes the relief to lowered.  Then when it gets another "clicked",
it gets set to flat.  (kind of a toggle button type thing, but not

What I mean by borderwidth is the width of the relief.

The point is, for any object, you want to be able to set things like
padding and relief without thinking ... Is that derived from the misc
widget?  Is this specific to this other widget...

In any case, I put this out here because I don't want to waste
my time coming up with unwanted patches. ;-)  I'm becoming more
adventurous as I look at C code more.

Shawn T. Amundson		University of Minnesota
Systems Administration	 	Computer Science System Staff     	

Children starve because of the way you suck on your lollypop.

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