interested in GTK, but know nothing

I'm completely new around here, so apologies in advance for my quite
remarkable ignorance.  I have a couple of questions.

First, the "Rosegarden" free musical notation and MIDI sequencing
project (see -- I am one of
the authors) is in need of a new user-interface toolkit.  Presently it
has a rather ancient Athena interface; preferences for a new toolkit
include that it should look nice, be completely free, and have C
bindings.  GTK looks very promising, but I have no clue how it works
and (given that all I have to refer to is the Gimp 0.99.9 source
distribution) there doesn't seem to be much documentation yet.  Are
there any resources for basic answers about the workings of the
toolkit, or should I just sit back and wait until it's been more
formally released?

Second, the only example GTK application I have (the Gimp itself)
doesn't work with my window manager, which is wm2.  The Gimp process
crashes (SEGV) as soon as it first tries to delete a window; the stack
trace shows gtk_real_widget_unrealize() as the last function called
before on_signal().  The window manager doesn't appear to be receiving
any interesting events (or indeed any at all of those it masks for) at
the time of the crash.

I don't have this problem with other applications, but equally the
Gimp works fine with other window managers; I assume wm2 is just doing
something weird, but without knowing what GTK is up to it's difficult
for me to tell.  Does GTK do anything unusual when unrealizing
widgets?  Does it make any assumptions that might depend on the
workings of the window manager?  How can I find out what's going on?


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