Re: [gtk-list] Re: Proposal for a new project

On Tue, May 13, 1997 at 03:20:28PM -0500, Shawn T Amundson wrote:
> Words Of Otto Hammersmith:
> >
> >Happy now?
> >
> Yes!  I had it linked in before it existed. ;-)  I spent a fair amount
> of time trying to figure out how to work with the mail interface to the
> archive just so I could put up where the discuss stuff was. 

I'm glad. :)
> >I'd love to see a comprehensive widget reference.. just two lines on
> >what the widget does, the "public" functions and maybe the structs
> >involved.  ctags and less helps a lot but it's an awful lot of typing
> >just to look up one thing. :)
> Wouldn't that be duplicating Peter's reference?  I have it under 
> "official documentation", but perhaps I'll change it to "official
> reference" if that would be more consistant with what people would
> be looking for.  

I thought I had a sentence in there about Peter's stuff... but I guess
I killed it without thinking.

Of course, it'd be based on Peter's reference.. just maybe some link
massaging.  One think I will say for Qt is that their documentation
generation tool (which they don't release) is very very nice.

Hyperlinked source might be nice, too... who had that for the Gimp?
All I remeber is that it was big... but at this point, I don't think
Donnie will complain -too- much. >;)


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