[gtk-list] Re: Frame around the pixmap in button and color

Otto Hammersmith wrote:

> > >Another problem is the transparent color. I know the RGB values of the
> > >color in the xpm file and the index of the color. But I need a GTK color
> > >struct to specify the color. How can I get such a struct from the pixmap
> > >object I created with pixmap_new_from_xpm?
> >
> > Huh? The pixmap loading code should handle the transparent color
> > automatically (with the "transparent_color" argument). Perhaps I'm not
> > understanding your problem.
> I think he's confused (the same way I was, for a bit) about how the
> transparent color works in the XPM.
> I think he's thinking that the transparent_color argument speccifies
> which color in the pixmap to make transparent.

That's exactly what I thought! :-)

> Not the way it really
> is, which is to specify which color to transform transparent bits
> into.

Ah! bing! Then I have still the problem how to make it transparent. Is
it part of the xpm file? I was useing bitmap to create a xbm file and
converted it with xv to xpm. xv provides no way to specify a transparent
color. What tool do I need?

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