[gtk-list] Re: Frame around the pixmap in button and color

On Sun, May 11, 1997 at 11:07:19PM -0700, Peter Mattis wrote:
> Sascha Ziemann writes:
> >Another problem is the transparent color. I know the RGB values of the
> >color in the xpm file and the index of the color. But I need a GTK color
> >struct to specify the color. How can I get such a struct from the pixmap
> >object I created with pixmap_new_from_xpm?
> Huh? The pixmap loading code should handle the transparent color
> automatically (with the "transparent_color" argument). Perhaps I'm not
> understanding your problem.

I think he's confused (the same way I was, for a bit) about how the
transparent color works in the XPM.  

I think he's thinking that the transparent_color argument speccifies
which color in the pixmap to make transparent.  Not the way it really
is, which is to specify which color to transform transparent bits

Am I right? (for a change... seems, I haven't been thinking straight


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