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On Fri, 2 May 1997, Chris Marston wrote:

> I'm going to pre-apologize for the stupidity in this next question. As a
> high school student without access to formal compsci teaching, I've been
> kind of bootstrapping myself along. This unfortunately includes dropping
> some annoying questions along the way. My question is this:
> Why won't my stupid C++ test app compile? <g>
> Here's what I get:
> /usr/local/include/gtk/gtkentry.h:64: parse error before 'delete'
> Seems to be one of those c vs c++ things. I was just curious whether I
> could be doing something to jiggle the compilation process along, or
> whether I'll have to wait for the C++ wrappers.

That's because C++ has the word 'delete' reserved. Even in header files 
for external c routines quoted by
extern "C" {  ...the external c routines defined as c (not c++).. }
the word cannot be used. I got around the problem by changing it from
delete to delete_ in gtkentry.h 
Hopefully nothing seems to be broken so far. I compiled my  bastardish C++ 
program with C only gtk well. Only the -lgtk is needed at compilation time.
You may ask the developers if they changed it throughout the sources 
(which I doubt) or suggest some solution....


> Thanks for putting up with such a dense question. :) 
>                                 Cheers, Chris
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