[gtk-list] Another thread over gtk api?


I just came around to the gtk library. Looks cool. I started to code the 
frontend for my application that computes some scientific data. The 
problem I'd like to ask is how to make my application compute data in 
background, whilst the api works and displays the images computed as they 
come? Can I use mere threads? is gtk library thread-safe? Or should I use 
some IPC & shared memory mechanisms instead, thus having at least two 
processes? I'd really wanted to have it this way, since the gtk stops 
redrawing its windows when I call something to compute (it takes seconds to 
compute 1 image, whereas I need a lot of them).

BTW, does gtk have some page on the Internet or so ? I got it from 
gimp-.99.9 two days ago. The demo program is a great tutorial.

 Vladimir Myslik  
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