[gtk-list] hypertext gimp/gtk source tree

        If anyone is interested, I stumbles across a program/script called
Global. It generates an html version of a source code tree. There is an
example of it using the linux and freebsd kernel source tree's at:
        you can also find the code for the script there too. 

        I fgured it might be handy to use on the gimp/gtk until more
complete documentation is available. If you want to see an example I
converted the gimp tree and have it temporarily at:


        Unfortunately, that computer is only going to be on the net for
about two more days. So it's there more for example purposes than anything
else. The generated html tends to rather big though. The gimp tree turned
out to be more than 21 megs.

        Does anyone else know of other similar utilites? I have seen
doc++, but I was wondering if there were anymore floating around.

Adrian Likins

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Adrian Likins

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