[gtk-list] Re: hypertext gimp/gtk source tree

Adrian Likins wrote:
>         If anyone is interested, I stumbles across a program/script called
> Global. It generates an html version of a source code tree. There is an
> example of it using the linux and freebsd kernel source tree's at:
> http://wafu.netgate.net/tama/unix/indexe.html
>         you can also find the code for the script there too.
>         I fgured it might be handy to use on the gimp/gtk until more
> complete documentation is available. If you want to see an example I
> converted the gimp tree and have it temporarily at:
> http://sloth.rh.ncsu.edu/aklikins/gimptree/
>         Unfortunately, that computer is only going to be on the net for
> about two more days. So it's there more for example purposes than anything
> else. The generated html tends to rather big though. The gimp tree turned
> out to be more than 21 megs.
>         Does anyone else know of other similar utilites? I have seen
> doc++, but I was wondering if there were anymore floating around.

Yes I use cxref it will out put html and latex their is another one as
well but can't remember the name. 

Richard Jackson

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